Pearl had been a beauty accessory and a symbol of elegance for ages. Our client Karaca created “Fine Pearl”, a tableware collection made with actual pearls. They wanted a communication that would cause a “stopper effect” when people scroll their feeds. We took an unconventional route with conventional artistry and came up with the “eye rolls”.
The Fine Pearl collection, a unique blend of art and functionality, is like jewellery for your dinner table. It's no secret that masterpiece paintings appreciate a good dinner table, and even the iconic 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' is a fan of this collection. So, if you're not yet acquainted with the collection, then these masterpieces will give you a well-deserved eye-roll!
We made fun snack social videos that depict famous paintings doing eye rolls to people who still don’t know about Karaca’s FinePearl collection. 
Client: KARACA
Agency: VMLY&R C-Section Plasenta
Creative Director: Fatih Tüylüoglu
Copywriter: Dijle Özdemir
Art Direction: Gökhan Simsek
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